“line of time” album retrospect: dreamer


The second track on the “line of time” album is the more common sounding “dreamer” (common in comparison to older ex machina productions). “dreamer” sounds very much like a typical older ex machina instrumental track with added vocals. This time Claudio had another shot at the lead vocals and this time it stuck. it’s the only ex machina track so far where Claudio was providing the lead vocals. Tobias is taking over vocal duties in the chorus section because Tobias voice was more appropriate in that part of the track.

The track is about creativity and to let it loose. It’s an up-lifting track and again we can find some decent distortion on this track. Mainly the lead riff is a heavily distorted e-piano coupled with some delay that gives this riff some sort of air that fits the theme very well. The rest of this track is very electronic sounding and puts some synths in the limelight.

To be continued…


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