the history of ex machina

ex machina is a music project that was founded by Claudio Chiriatti in 1999. right from the start Claudio used the possibilities of alternative distribution ways of his output over the internet. the first two albums were distributed exclusively over the internet. after a two year hiatus on new releases he signed a contract with the label FUEGO to release the music under that label.
after Claudio moved back to his roots from Düsseldorf to his birth town Clausthal-Zellerfeld in 2008, he realized that working in the studio alone is boring and began to look around for some new collaborators for ex machina. during his search he found his old friend Tobias Schwerdt who has coincidentally just moved back from Berlin to Clausthal and who has played drums in several bands and projects in Berlin. after some trial sessions in the machina they both realized very soon that this is a fertile and exciting partnership.
ex machina is completely independent. even though the label releases and distributes the music, the overall responsibility for every artistic decision, the artwork and the presentation are the responsibility of Claudio and Tobias.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex_machina_(group) (external link to Wikipedia)

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we are always interested in cooperations with other mediaprojects/musicians, labels, in remix jobs or other cooperations to release the music. If you want to cooperate please, use the e-mail address down below.


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