what is ex machina?

ex machina is a music project founded by Claudio Chiriatti in Trier in 1999. the project was active in Düsseldorf, Copenhagen and found now a home in Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

right from the start ex machina used the possibilities of alternative distribution ways of its output over the internet. the first two albums were distributed exclusively over the internet. after a two year hiatus on new releases Claudio signed a contract with the label FUEGO to release its music under that label.

after he moved back to his birth town in 2008 Claudio was seeking for new collaborators to work with on ex machina. on his search he found his old friend Tobias Schwerdt. they both now form the core of ex machina.

ex machina is not only about music, the music is the basis on which the other activities are build on. the cover, the photos, this website and other profiles on the internet are one unit (entity) and are all done by Claudio and Tobias. the music is the nucleus of all these things and of course you can just listen to the music or dive deeper if you want.

Wikipedia: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex_machina (external link to Wikipedia)

ex machina is always interested in cooperations with other mediaprojects/musicians, in remix jobs or other cooperations to release the music. If you want to cooperate please, have a look at the “contact” section or use the e-mail adress down below.


where is ex machina available ?

ex machina is distributed exclusively over the internet and is available in nearly every music online store.

e.g. at iTunes , Amazon.com , 7digital and google music.

why the name “ex machina”?

the studio is named “machina” therefore the output is called “ex machina”.

beside the physical studio, the “machina” is also the space of ideas in the head which is of course not bound to any physical room. fed through countless talks with friends and an interest in everything “creative”, these ideas are also “ex machina”.