how many releases exist by ex machina?

seven albums, whereas five of them are currently available and released by FUEGO (see also the “albums” section at this website).

beside these albums there are some “minor” releases which are not listed here at this website at the moment (see also FAQ about the entity number).

what does the entity number on the album pages mean?

entity marks every “major” output by ex machina (e.g. an album, but also websites, videos, etc.).

every new ex machina release is marked as an entity mostly followed by the release date or the finishing date in the form: day number,week number,year. besides entities which mark "major" releases, "minor" releases (e.g. singles, EPs, etc.) are referred to as sub entities. there are also entities in other categories a "web-entity" e.g. is an ex machina website or ex machina related web profile.

the phrase "entity"  is used to make clear that every release is a closed unity which is released to the world after its completion and that has validity no matter how ex machina as the parent project is developing itself. like a photograph which documents a certain moment in time, the releases document a certain moment of ex machina and can even have a life of their own.

see also explanations at wikipedia:



noumenon (thing-in-itself)

what is the insight?

the insight is a photo blog sometimes with some descriptions to the images which is updated with no special schedule. it is a continuous insight of photos out of the life of ex machina.

the pictures are sometimes self-explanatory, other times they explain themselves later and sometimes they summarize the overall feeling of a certain day.

can i do something for ex machina?

you like ex machina? great, maybe you could do us a little favour then?

when you like ex machina you can help us by spreading the word about us, e.g. in your blog, on your homepage, in message boards where you are active or just tell your friends directly about us. we don't have a massive marketing or advertising budget and depend heavily on your word-of-mouth. you can also become a friend of us if you have a myspace account or become a fan of ex machina if you have a facebook account. of course, you can also do both of it and make us very happy. seriously, every little thing helps spreading the word and we are grateful and thankful for every little bit! if you link us and want to have a backlink send us an email with the page where you have put the link. thanks a lot for everything in advance!