a retrospect of the “line of time” album

We are looking at the first album that was released as the first collaboration between Claudio and Tobias at the end of April in 2011, we are looking at “line of time”. This album is like the quiet introverted brother of “no one”. Think of a bar full of people when suddenly “line of time” enters this bar only a few people take notice that someone new has entered, “line of time” is greeting politely and is searching a seat somewhere in the background. Now imagine that same scene but now “no one” is entering the bar. The door swings open very loudly and “no one” screams a yelling “hello!” into the round of people. Nearly everyone takes notice that someone new has entered the room, and of course “no one” stands in the middle of the attention for most of the evening.

Time to take a look a bit more closely to “line of time”…


For the first time since the inception of ex machina this album features true, almost traditional songwriting complete with lyrics and vocals.

“line of time” starts with “head up (in the sky)” and for the first time you can hear lead vocals on an ex machina track. Claudio had a shot at the lead vocals but thought his voice was not really fitting, so Tobias took over this part and he did it really great.

“head up (in the sky)” is a song about that sweet feeling when you were too indulgent on some certain substances. The stomping but a bit lingering beat is underlining this feeling very good. You are almost at the brink of falling asleep but you are going forward nevertheless and you can hardly control all your movements. Your body is down but your “head is up in the sky”.

Also for the first time on an ex machina track distortion is used quite frankly which sets this track apart from earlier ex machina productions which were much clearer and cleaner sounding. All in all the production of “line of time” makes this album a connector between the older ex machina albums and the more radical “no one” in the future. It seems like that Tobias and Claudio were finding and defining their collective language with this album.

To be continued…


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