“no one” era interview

we are currently preparing our next release and in the meantime you can travel back in time with us together and read an interview with us from the year 2014. the interview was published on UNTER.TON and conducted by Daniel Dressler. the interview was originally conducted and published in german the following link brings you to a Google translated version:

EX MACHINA: INNER APOCALYPSE (translated by Google – external link)

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“no one” 5 year anniversary

on this day 5 years ago ex machina released their most ambitious concept album to date: no one

on this album Claudio Chiriatti and Tobias Schwerdt introduce us to the life of a self proclaimed prophet who sees the signs of an impending apocalypse. we dive deeper into the madness of the protagonist with every track on this album. the question is the protagonist right or not… maybe it’s just his own apocalypse we’re listening to.

take a listen right here:

“no one” full length album preview by ex_machina

“line of time” album retrospect: the instrumentals


Because it was the first ex machina album to feature songs in a more traditional way, Claudio and Tobias decided to put four album tracks as instrumentals as an appendix on this album. These tracks are “head up (in the sky)”, “dreamer”, “the eagle force” and “afternoon”. “dreamer” is the only track that has a slightly altered production than it’s vocalized counterpart. All the other tracks are merely really just the album versions which were stripped off of the vocals. Just in “afternoon” Claudio and Tobias decided to let the ad-lib part of Eva at the end of the track intact as this bit adds so much to the track.

The tracks are really interesting and it’s really fascinating to hear how all of the tracks are also working very well without the vocals.

This is the final entry in the “line of time” album retrospect


Listen to “line of time” for yourself:

“line of time” album at Spotify

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“line of time” full length album preview by ex_machina


download the accompanying booklet of this album for free right here:

download at Google Drive (external link to Google Drive)