what’s going on

well, it’s been more than four months since our last post here and we thought we give you an update on what’s going on in the machina.

like all of you, we are also affected in one or the other way by the on going Corona crisis. but the best part about this crisis for us is the fact that there are a lot less distractions around us that keep us away from working on the music. that means we are still working on our next release and hope to release it this year.
as to the reasons why all this takes so long… well, somehow we feel we should go some other ways than before to come up with something new. we have a lot of ideas floating around but very few stand the test of time. which means that when we re-visit an idea it turns out that the idea was not so great than we thought.
anyway, we have compiled some tracks now, that we feel are worth to be released to the world and round out all the egdes of these tracks (or put some deliberate edges into them).

that’s it what’s going on in the machina.

we wish all the best to you and your loved ones to get safe an unharmed through these wild and crazy times!