exit right now – back to normal

The fourth and last track of our series of new releases was “exit right now”. This track is a very urban one. You can hear the accelaration noise of a Berlin subway in the track. The accelaration noise of the subway received a granular synthesis treatment to make it much more interesting and make it fitting into the track. Embedded in the track is a very nice and catchy melody hook. After the more experimetal tracks we’ve released before we thought that “exit right now” is the perfect end point to this quartet of new releases.

You can now listen to “exit right now” on a streaming service of your choice or simply watch the video on YouTube:

escape from myself – even more experimental

The third track of the “new releases” is even more experimental than the last ones. The spine of this track is a 5/8 beat made by Tobias that propels the track forward in stomping and thumping way. In a strange way you can’t really escape this furious rhythm like you sometimes can’t escape some thoughts in your head as well. This picture and premise defined also the title and theme of this track. A person that tries to “escape from itself”.

You can now listen to “escape from myself” on a streaming service of your choice or simply watch the video on YouTube:

memories of tomorrow – the experiment continues

The next track we have released is “memories of tomorrow”. This time the release is comprised of three different versions of the track. The track basically consists of two parts that we have put together and which are different but complement each other very well in a common context. At first listen this can be confusing, but on a second listen you realise how well the two parts fit together, even though they are quite different.
In the third version of the track, the “recurring dream mix”, we have left out the second part, which gives the track a new meaning and individuality.

You can now listen to “memories of tomorrow” on a streaming service of your choice or simply watch the video on YouTube:

roaming through wasteland – the first of the new releases

After some time of having not released anything new to the world we released “roaming through wasteland”. The release comprised of the original track, three alternative versions and a video. We thought of catering the times of streaming services by just releasing single tracks and alternative versions of it. We always wanted to explore different approaches to a track and never really did this. Well, although that’s not entirely true, we’ve explored different versions in the studio but most likely always released a “final” version. This time we embraced the new distribution methods and were eager to present alternative versions to the public.

Anyway, you can now listen to roaming through wasteland by yourself at a streaming service of your choice or simply at YouTube were you also can watch the video: