ex machina releases its first audio NFT collectible “audio object” (audio gif)

ex machina - audio object / cover artwork

yes, we are dropping our first NFT collectible audio track “audio object” as an exclusive piece to buy right here at:

opensea.io (external link to opensea.io)

“audio object” is designed to be a sort of an audio gif, which means that you can listen to it indefinitely in an ever repeating loop. you can also be assured that we will never release the track in the same structure or format (48 kHz / 32 bit .wav file) as a download again. that means this release is a one of its kind exclusive release and collectible for the person who buys this piece at opensea.io

you can stream the track below to get an idea what our vision of an audio gif sounds like:



ex machina 21 - happy new year

we wish you a happy new year and hope that 2021 will see much improvement over 2020.

we are still working on new material.