ex machina “no one” 10 year anniversary

We also couldn’t believe it until we checked it out and it turned out to be true, our album “no one” is 10 years old today!

The Album was released on April 26, 2013 with the track “no one” released a month later as a music video. “drifting” and then later on “eternity” followed as video releases. On January 25, 2014 we performed nearly the whole album live at a gig in the Kellerclub in Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

Wow, all these memories and pictures in our heads… We’ll post some stuff regarding this anniversary throughout the next time. So ytay tuned for some interesting stuff coming on.

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“no one” 5 year anniversary

on this day 5 years ago ex machina released their most ambitious concept album to date: no one

on this album Claudio Chiriatti and Tobias Schwerdt introduce us to the life of a self proclaimed prophet who sees the signs of an impending apocalypse. we dive deeper into the madness of the protagonist with every track on this album. the question is the protagonist right or not… maybe it’s just his own apocalypse we’re listening to.

take a listen right here:

“no one” full length album preview by ex_machina