current status

new free ex machina tracks

recently i was on a long train journey and out of pure boredom i did what maybe other people would also do, i was sifting through nearly my entire music library on my phone. which, of course, has become quite big over the recent years with the ever growing memory on these devices. anyway, as i was diving down in the depths of my file system (i reached folders i never thought exist) i stumbled upon some pre-production tracks from "no one". namely two tracks that survived the pre-production process but didn't made it onto the final album. so i talked to the tall one (Tobias) and we thought that it would be interesting to release these tracks as free downloads. so… stay tuned as we prepare to release the first track in the next few days for you all to download…

and to all of you who have enough of this recent display of self indulgent nostalgia… yes! we are also working on new tracks… really! we swear that we're doing it! #Claudio