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FLASHBACK: the time when Claudio contributed a track to an art project

in 2008 Claudio contributed the track “drifting (disintegrating)” to the first season of the art project “Music from Masses” by Matthias Fritsch. the idea was that Matthias Fritsch was providing a video and contributors could add music and sound to it.
upon seeing the video Claudio remembered he had a very experimental track lying around which was originally done for another art project that never really happened. so Claudio was experimenting a bit with the track and the video and refined the music a bit. the result is a very hypnotic experience. the track fits the video very well and together they almost invoke a meditation like state in the viewer.

have a look at the video for yourself:

the website of the artist Matthias Fritsch: http://www.technoviking.tv/subrealic.net/

you can also download the track “drifting (disintegrating)” fro free over at SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ex_machina/drifting

free music downloads

we do not know if you have seen this but right here you can download four ex machina tracks for free.
during the compilation of our last album “line of time” we thought really long about which tracks should make it to the final cut on the album. well, four tracks lost during these discussions and fell down onto the floor where we found them a little bit later piece by piece. anyway, after we listened to these tracks again we found that they are too good to be lost forever and we decided to release them as free downloads.

and here you can download these four tracks for your personal pleasure just hit the “download” button of the track you want to download and off you go. downloads are limited so be quick to download while the offer lasts:

free music downloads by ex_machina